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Tyler took off his wedding ring, boarded a plane, and spent a week in San Francisco. Then he put his ring back on and flew home, secure in the knowledge that he had not magically become suave in the seven years since Stella had settled for him.

By Jesse Stanchak

Keywords: Microfiction, Love, Portrait

I fought the law, and the law disregarded me the way an ocean liner would disregard an onrushing fruit fly, although you can see how the fly in this analogy might also fancy himself a romantically doomed rebel rather than just an idiot. Anyway, I paid the jaywalking fine.

By Elliott Downing

Keywords: Satire, Humour

Maybe this'll finally be the year I get in shape, start using coupons, frame my business partner for the jewel heist I committed, fake my death on a flaming speedboat, and wear more flattering pants.

By Julia Gulia

Keywords: Satire, Humour

Salvador’s holiday 

Salvador Dali lies on his sofa. He is dressed in jeans and t-shirt and his moustache is down. 

“Just one moment of being un-extraordinary please”, He complains to his Pete the tiler, “Just let me be invisible and unremarkable for a day, a month, a year!”

“You’d hate it Salvy, you hate being in the background.” The old friends clink beer bottles and have another cigarette. 

“Pete I’m so very bored of being Salvador Dali, it’s like being the fucking Queen of England —all the presentation, all the thought, all the work… I consider every detail of my appearance..you know I never even sit anywhere publicly that wouldn’t look interesting to a passing photographer. I hop from diagonal building to gorilla enclosure to inverted rococo bridge like a fucking lunatic — even if there isn’t anyone looking! Even when there is nobody there! I strike a pose when I stop to tie my laces. I cock a whimsical eyebrow when I piss lest the walls judge me inelegant..I need a break from being me.”

“I guess you do,” Pete looks up from his cigarette to see Salvador lying on the Tigerskin rug with his long skin legs in the air balancing Babou the ocelot on his neon pink slippers.

By Joe Coles

Keywords: Satire, Humour

He is a master of origami and regret. He turns love letters he didn’t send into boats, sets them loose on a tide to nowhere: a fleet of folded emotion, creased with doubt and weathered by time. Ghost-white ships sailing for a land that never was, still flying an old flag.

By Barlow Adams

Genre: Love, Portrait